Shot Show 2020 Projects

This year, gearing up for Shot Show 2020 Kitfox will only be taking on eight firearm patch projects with a Shot Show deadline.
The hard deadline for Shot Show 2020 projects is September 9th, 2019. 

All firearm patches this year will require the reference firearm to be shipped to Westman Precision Firearms in Iron Mountain, Michigan. Having the firearm in hand will allow me to take my own reference images and turn out artwork more quickly. 

Any other Shot Show related projects also have a September 9th deadline for booking. 

There will be NO guaranteed Shot Show delivery for any project scheduled after September 9th. While I love all of my clients, being an established client will not award you any last-minute preferences. As of the writing of this announcement (August 8, 2019) everyone should be aware of Shot Show product releases. 

All injuries can be sent to
Please do not send Facebook or Instagram messages regarding general or Shot Show projects. 

Please enjoy my Patch Portfolio below.

Sara Westman

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