About Sara Westman of Kitfox Design Group

Graphic Designer & Illustrator
located in Boise, Idaho. 

Specializing in branding & packaging,
brand consulting, and technical illustrations. 


Books are closed for the remainder of 2018. Schedule a meeting during Shot Show 2019 through the contact form. 


Acoustic Attenuation Group Overwatch Precision
Aimpoint Polymer80
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Primary & Secondary
Grey Ghost Precision Recoil / The Enthusiast Network
Hi-Point Firearms Sage Dynamics
Hodge Defense Systems, Inc Tactical Solutions
Kinetic Development Group We Like Shooting
Law Tactical Westman Precision Firearms
Noveske Rifle Works

About Me

I'm passionate about helping brands be successful. My friends call me cut & dry, I'm not a big fan of beating around the bush when your company's success is on the line. Developing a brand is more than just slapping a trendy icon on top of a cleverly developed company name, which is why I am so picky about the jobs I take on. I want clients who are just as passionate about their companies as I am about my craft. 

When I'm not being sassy and making you put your thinking cap on, I'm probably working on personal projects such as the Firearm Coloring Book series, or booping my puppies on their noses. Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I fell in love with the beautiful state of Idaho, don't come here though. It's terrible.