Frequently Asked Questions


Are you taking on new branding/packaging work?
Not actively. I am currently spending most of my time working hard on the coloring book series and getting the books into more retailers. However I am always open to discussing working with rad companies with rad ideas. 
Is there anything you don't do?
Yeah, lots actually. But I also have a lot of talented friends who specialize in the things I don't. If you need a recommendation for your web, PR, marketing, video, and even branding project, feel free to shoot me an email with a project brief and I will get you in touch with someone who will be the perfect fit for your needs.
Do you do custom illustrations for personal art collections?
Yes! Quite frequently actually. If you're interested in what it takes to start a personal illustration project, use the contact form to get in touch with me!




How much do custom firearm patches cost? Can I make one of my personal firearm?
Currently custom firearm patches are limited to manufacturers of firearms due to the quantity required to be profitable after art and manufacturing prices. 
We're a manufacturer, how do we get started commissioning you to do a patch of our firearm/product?
Just shoot me a message through the contact form and give me a brief rundown of how many total designs you're wanting, and what sort of accessories you're wanting to include. It's also helpful to include a general timeframe for when you'd like to get started on the project. I'll get back to you pretty quickly with a quote for the artwork and a general ballpark that we've come to expect for manufacturing. Once the artwork is done, we can submit for an official quote for manufacturing. 
Will any of the sold out patches be returning?
Not usually. Most limited edition patches have sold out their total quantity made, with the exception of a handful that may be returning later this year. Each product page notes how many were sold out of the total number made. If you're looking for something in particular, morale patch groups on Facebook are your best chance of getting retired patches.



I ordered a shirt, and my patches were not in the package, or vice versa.
Totally normal, our shirts ship direct from our manufacturer. Sometimes they're faster than us, sometimes production takes a bit longer than our shipping team does to pack and ship your patches and stickers.
How long do you guys usually take to ship orders? I ordered this morning and haven't received my tracking number yet.
Currently our order processing and shipping is around 3-4 business days. If you need your order super quickly you are always welcome to upgrade your shipping option when you place your order to ensure a speedy delivery once it's in the hands of the post office. 
Please note that there may be a 1-2 additional days added on during busy seasons and holidays. If you need to expedite processing on an order please send us an email.
How do I track my order?
If your package has been shipped. Access your order through one of the three order update emails you’ve been sent, you should find your tracking number after clicking to view your order.
Your tracking number will be located under the map and be a clickable link to the USPS website.